Top Tips to Protect Yourself From Fraud

January 26, 2024

At First Hope Bank, we understand the paramount importance of securing your online interactions, especially when it comes to sensitive information like login credentials. Cybersecurity is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of ensuring a safe and trustworthy digital environment for our valued customers.

The internet has revolutionized the way we bank, but it has also brought forth challenges, with cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated. Did you know that over 92% of cyberattacks originate from authentication issues? These issues include phishing emails or spoofed websites cleverly designed by bad actors pretending to be someone they’re not, often through the use of lookalike domains.

Most banks, including the majority of the internet, operate within open, unrestricted Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .org. The accessibility of these domains, combined with the growing complexity of cyber threats, puts the onus on end-users to navigate a potential minefield of malicious sites. Despite decades of cybersecurity education, it’s evident that relying solely on user awareness is no longer sufficient.

Enter .BANK, a revolutionary TLD specifically designed to address the authentication challenge faced by banks and their customers. In 2015, the banking industry, in collaboration with fTLD Registry Services, introduced the .BANK domain. Unlike traditional domains, .BANK is restricted to verified banks and their associations through a meticulous multi-step verification process. This process ensures that when you see “.bank” in an email address or website URL, you are unequivocally interacting with a legitimate bank or its association.

The verification process doesn’t stop there. .BANK goes a step further by imposing Security Requirements that banks must comply with to use their .BANK domains. These requirements include advanced cybersecurity measures like DNSSEC and email authentication, reinforcing the notion that only the bank and whitelisted organizations can send emails as the bank.

The beauty of .BANK lies in its simplicity. By incorporating “.bank” into our online presence, we are offering our customers an easy and foolproof way to authenticate their interactions with First Hope Bank. It becomes a permanent, repeatable part of everyone’s cybersecurity hygiene – a simple yet powerful tool to prevent those ‘bad clicks’ that lead to the most common and costly cyberattacks. We, at First Hope Bank, believe in the proactive adoption of .BANK for a more secure online banking experience. Our team is readily available to answer any questions, share best practices, and help protect you and your accounts. Remember, when interacting with First Hope Bank, look for the .BANK domain ( Together, let’s prioritize cybersecurity and make every online interaction a secure one. Your trust and security matter to us, today and always.