Executive Leadership

Meet our Executive Team

Daniel G. Beatty

President, Chief Executive Officer

Neil Martucci

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Finer

Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer

Michelle Miragliotta

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Daniel Pimentel

Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer

Meet our Board of Directors

Daniel G. Beatty

Chairman of the Board | Director Since 2012 President, Chief Executive Officer – First Hope Bank

Donald D. Somma

Vice Chairman of the Board | Director Since 2012

Robert F. Rokosz

Secretary | Director Since 1994

Lewis R. Beatty

Director Since 2012

Owen Dykstra

Director Since 2003

William Burke

Director Since 2014

M. Murphy Durkin

Director Since 2017

Michelle Beatty

Director Since 2018

Agnes R. Beatty

Director Emeritus

Norman E. Beatty

Director Emeritus