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As your local bank, we know first-hand how important it is to have a trusted resource to help you properly manage your finances. We are able to help you find the right borrowing solutions, guiding you through the loan process from beginning to end, starting with finding the right loan, and calculating just how much you can afford to borrow. We can help you save money to reach your financial goals factoring in the risk you are comfortable taking, whether that is multiple FDIC-insured CDs, mutual funds covering the market, or the next hot stock you heard at a party.

Financial Calculators

Before you come to talk to us, it is often beneficial to see if the ideas in your head are feasible. We have some calculators available for free on the site that allow you to run different scenarios. There are many questions that can be answered before talking to us. Will I be able to afford the mortgage payment assuming certain rates? If I am saving to make a major purchase in 5 years, what interest rate do I need to earn given how much I have already saved? These and many other questions can be answered with the calculators and will allow you to have a more productive talk with us.

Security Tips

You thought about and developed a plan to manage your money, now you need to protect it. You have placed your trust in us, which we take very seriously. You also have FDIC insurance for your deposits in the Bank up to certain amounts, which can be calculated. However, there are still certain steps you can take to protect your money. Visit our security center to read those.

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In addition to photos of our employees at various events, our various social media feeds do provide random information to help you better manage your money, from trusted third-party sources. Be sure to follow us on social media by clicking below.

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If none of the options above have helped you, reach out to us to talk about what you are trying to tackle. You can schedule an appointment, send us an email, or even drop by.

Thank you so much for helping us with our refinance. We were in a difficult position and nobody else seemed to care or want to help. We worked with Virginia for quite some time to figure things out, but she never gave up on us like everyone else we tried to seek help from. We are extremely grateful for all of your help. Thank you so much!!”

-Carrie & Jerald